"The BBCC is and will continue to be a godsend for those of us who cannot afford constant chiropractic care. Starting the BBCC was a compassionate, forward thinking, generous gift to lower and middle income folks. Without this organization and its very caring, capable, and informative staff, most of us would still be suffering from chronic pain and despair. Thank you all for the blessing." -William

"I have suffered from a host of recurring spinal conditions since a car accident in 1981. I shattered my spine and suffered tremendous brain damage as a result of the accident. The chiropractors and masseuses at the BBCC help correct my problems and reduce the pain and stiffness I experience. I tried medical doctors before coming to the BBCC and was left feeling like the medical profession failed me. This led me to research Eastern, Chinese, and alternative healing. I have depended on Chiropractic now for roughly 30 years. Chiropractic care has, literally, put me back together, aligned me correctly, and helped to keep me alive and functioning. The BBCC has been a wonderful blessing for the people of Boston." -Joseph

"I believe the BBCC is an oasis of serenity in a bustling city. I am being treated for neck stiffness and hip pain. I suffered with this pain for nine months before coming here. My treatment at the BBCC is excellent, very caring and holistic. I would absolutely recommend others for treatment here. This clinic does wonders! I have found I sleep better, rely less on painkillers, and am more productive." -Fabian

"I am being treated for neck and shoulder pain that I suffered with for 20 years. I tried pain killers before coming to the clinic for chiropractic care. I have felt much much better since being treated here and would surely recommend others for care! I feel that chiropractic is much better than having an operation! Chiropractic makes my quality of life much better!" -Duwon

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